Home Frequency Meditation

Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor. Breathe deeply until your shoulders drop and you are fully relaxed. Take as long as you need.
Focus on your heart and turn your listening inward. Notice your heartbeat and your breath. Feel the movement of your ribcage as your lungs expand and contract. 
Sink further inward and shift your focus into the lower Tan Tien (just below your navel). Slow your breathing. Your home frequency is felt/sensed/heard in the Tan Tien, in the space between exhaling and inhaling. 
Mantra:  I AM the perfect reflection of Love

A Seeker’s Heart

Are you still seeking the “A-HA moment” that will answer all of your deepest Life questions? Do you have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge? 
How many readings, healings or ceremonies have you had? How many paths, relationships or certificates have you pursued looking for your “Answer”.
A seekers heart seeks to find its home frequency, a perfect reflection of Love. 
What you seek is not of this earth but within you, you brought it from beyond this dimension.
Gaia’s current frequency is centered in duality, the good the bad and the ugly. (Gaia’s home frequency is also a perfect reflection of Love.)
We are born into this dimension with such clear vibrant energy (our home frequency), yet most of us are born into such distorted energy groups (families) that we have no one who can reflect that energy back to us. The moment we begin to have some autonomy, we are often held back by our conditioning which has limited and negatively impacted our belief systems. 
We may become addicted to people pleasing and contorting our energy to receive praise or avoid punishment. For some of us the seeking begins very early, reading is one of the first doorways to seeking. Then naturally, teenage rebellion brings us false bravado and we engage in more adventurous and often self-destructive ways of seeking. 
Once free of our distorted energy group (family) we seek to make new families with other like minded people…then we often find out they also come from distorted and dysfunctional energy groups and we are back where we started. 
As we mature we (hopefully) begin to pursue more empowered ways of seeking. What was intended to maintain higher frequencies while incarnated in the 3rd dimension (meditation/yoga/etc.) can become just another path of seeking. This type of seeking, supported by intermittent moments of bliss can lead to even more discomfort within the current earth frequency. What was once a passion for spiritual experiences becomes another attempted escape from the current 3D frequency.  
The care and maintenance of your physical body and your spiritual body are central to your life’s purpose. 
Connecting to your home frequency brings new life and freedom within the 3rd dimension.  We are each here to remember our true frequency of Love. 
Or purpose as Light-bearers is to balance the physical and spiritual bodies in the 3rd dimension, while being an anchor for your home frequency (Love). 
Once you find that balance, you can help another, and so on, until we collectively radiate our home frequency and duality is neutralized.  
I am here in service to those who are called to work with me as we anchor Love and release duality.
In Spirit ~Melynnda*

A Month of Sundays….

The past several months I have searched my heart for what truly and deeply resonates with me. Like so many of my clients I felt a call to redefine my offerings and pursue only what brings me joy while serving the Divine. I began one-on-one mentoring this month as I truly delight in seeing the BIG changes each one of us are capable of and have been working towards for so many years. It feels like a natural progression from readings, healing and teaching; to mentoring. I love hearing the aha moments and breakthroughs from limiting beliefs. I love seeing clients transformed!

Then spirit began to whisper….”take a month off”. Mind you I heard this a year ago (via Slow-Coach Fay Hart) but I was just getting my business off the ground. Somehow it returned to me and I began to wonder…what would it feel like to really dive back into my own sacred development? I have many interests and have studied numerous traditions; my path has been a long and winding road. Will I take April off? I’m not sure. Will I take on another course of study? Perhaps. So now I am toying with the idea~A Month of Sundays. In the mean time I am waiting for further clarification from Spirit.  For now I am loving where I am at and who I am working with. I am experiencing mini-miracles and maximum satisfaction.  Who could ask for more?

What would you do with……..



I first heard the phrase “A Soul with Stamina” from a Caroline Myss Salon, while searching for it today (at spirits prompting) I also ran across a blog by my soulsister and Sacred Circle Retreats facilitator Jackie from last January. As January 2013 approaches, I see how this year has helped me develop “A Soul with Stamina”. I’ve put myself out in the world for all to see, struggled with confidence, been tested, stretched and rejected by some. I have had to re-evaluate who I am and what I believe. I have walked beside my mother thru breast cancer, been pushed outside my comfort zone by my teenager and seen my own shadow play out before me. I have met some incredible people thru this journey and found real deep spiritual connection with a few.

We’re hungry for change and most of us are willing to do just about anything to change our world. I believe we are, each one of us, responsible for our own light and darkness. Each one of us has a circle of influence. When you claim your desire for a better world people take notice, they are expecting you to show them the way. We are all leaders and followers; we change roles frequently.

As the New Year approaches I am developing a mentoring program. I want to come along beside you as you shed the old paradigm and limiting beliefs. If you are ready to create Real Change, the transformation you have been longing for is available to you.

In Service to our Highest Good, Melynnda*



Running towards ascension….

So many messages I have listen to.

So many dates I have anticipated.

So many dreams I have dreamed.

So many wishes I have wished.

Then a simple awareness, an awareness of energy, my ability to sense and discern.

Some get to see, some hear. I feel.

I feel a sense of change, approaching us ….ever so slowly.

We all want a huge neon sign, a beacon of light or miraculous healing.

Some will receive their shift in a moment, an absolutely new perspective.

Some will slowly and deliberately peel off the layers of pain and protection they became accustomed to wearing.

Some will wake in the middle of the night and make their declaration in the dark.

Some will sleep so deeply they never wake up.

We’re all running towards ascension….but it doesn’t look the same.


Someday we’ll get there.

Then we’ll start another game.



Chakra Bootcamp begins November 5th, 2012

Are you ready to commit to living intuitively and strengthen your connection to the Angelic Realm?

Learn simple techniques to reconnect to your higher self and keep your energy clear.

7 weeks of email mentoring focused on clearing and balancing your Chakras using proven techniques with the support of the Angelic Realm.

Lessons emailed on Monday, Q&A emails throughout the week, One weekly 15 minute distance chakra clearing.

Tool kit needed: Pendulum, Clear Quartz Crystal, Sea Salt. Journal. Incense. Positive Intentions.

Registration open to 5 students, $125 for 7 week intensive, may be paid weekly $17.85 each week via Paypal. This session runs November 5th thru December 23rd.

Please email me at melynndab@hotmail.com if you are interested or have questions.

Love & Light, Melynnda*


Keep teaching, you are an amazing, kind, patient and loving teacher. I never felt judged or afraid to ask anything. God Bless you, peace, love and light.  Linda

Cathy Albergo of MBS Healing Arts: I really enjoyed working with Melynnda, she taught me many new things and actual practices to advance my skills.
I would recommend her highly to help you develop your spiritual self .