you came upon me, out of no-where while I am driving.

How can I even write about such things my native tongue has no words for.

Do I dare use words that no-one will understand?

Will these new words lose their translation in this realm?

Is it better to not speak of such things?

Is it better to hold them sacred in my heart?


your gone.



Behind the “seen”

So much is happening behind the “seen” right now. Like the magic you feel waiting for the curtain to open on a Broadway Musical….all the crew, lights, sound and actors poised. Fingers crossed and prayers whispered. There’s tension in the air. Adrenaline is running high.

But wait, what am I doing on this side of the curtain?  Why am I not sitting in the audience?  Who cast me in the starring role?  Am I ready?  Did I rehearse enough?  Is the opening number strong enough?

What ever you have done is just perfect, right on cue. Your ready, ready as you’ll ever be. It’s almost time……Time to pull the cord and open the curtain. It’s time….Time to step into your true essence.

It’s time….Time to Live your Soul Purpose.


The Universe is conspiring in your Favor~Melynnda*

Untapped Power

As you begin to communicate with the Archangel Realm and connecting to Spiritual Power it is important to recognize and intuit what works in the process of Re-Alignment.  This alignment is with Integrity and Faith. Begin by calling on me to assist you in holding higher frequencies, these frequencies assist with purifying your physical and etheric bodies. We are working with you during sleep and within the etheric body, call on us now. No matter is too small.
Doing what you know is right for your body & spirit is crucial for you now.  Right thoughts and actions begin to propel you forward into the coming Golden Age. Know beyond doubt that you are Loved & Cared for. Everything is working out for the Highest Good.
Speak the Truth in Love Always. Kamiel

Angelic message for February 4th

As the fulfillment of prophecy ignites within your crystalline structure be gentle with your self, nurture the physical and emotional body as tenderly as you would care for a newborn baby.  The current energies are difficult to navigate with high vibrations rattling each cell and the withdrawal causing deep despair and physical pain.  This too shall pass dear ones.  Go back to basics: basic living, basic eating, basic principals.

All is well.

Golden Core Healing~My gift to you

As part of my healing mission I create monthly distance healing transmissions.

All you need to do is ask to receive it!

I suggest you take 20 minutes to sit or lay down and enjoy the healing.

Take note of the areas in your body where you feel the energy.

Please leave me a comment or feel free to ask me a question.

In Loving Service, Melynnda*