The Benefits of Shamanism for Children

Contemporary Shaman

027cd73539e4457638379f394939befdMany have read much about shamanism and how it pertains to the adult but very little has been shared in regards to how certain aspects of shamanism can be very beneficial to the child.

Looking back, if I knew even some of what I know now it would have been a great help. As I child I was incredibly sensitive, highly imaginative, acutely empathic, faery friendly and terrified of the dark.

I used to clutch my teddy bear (my inner child’s totem of protection) to my heart when I was very sad or frightened. I was fortunate to live in a home of love and safety but other outside influences made an impact on my sensitivity which made me feel very unsafe in the world. I also came from a culture that ‘otherworldy’ things were an intellectual interest but not a practice. As I have said before, imagination is the…

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