Intuitive Sessions

Establishing a self care routine and inquiry can help you fully develop your own spiritual gifts. Everyone is psychic, yet few live their lives intuitively.

This is my goal: to live my life intuitively.

My desire and work are focused on assisting you in connecting to your own intuitive voice and living from that source.

If you wish to schedule a session with me, please follow the links below for payment and complete the contact form.

Ascension is raising oneself up from limiting decisions about what we believe we are not capable of. ~ Melynnda*

I use various forms of Divination and connect with your Higher Self during a reading. All you need is a willingness and openness to address emotional blocks and limiting decisions.

Please be aware your message may be humorous or to-the-point depending on your energy.

I promise to tell you everything I receive in a gentle loving way. I will not withhold information for another session. I may receive guidance for you regarding relationships, health, emotions, chakras & life purpose.

You must use your own discernment and ultimately you are responsible for your own healing.

Free 10 minute phone consultations. All sessions must be pre-paid, appointments may be rescheduled but not refunded.

Intuitive sessions via Skype or phone:

$40 / 30 minutes

Intuitive Session ~ $40.00

$75 / hour

Intuitive Session ~ $75.00


You are like Awesome!!!! You are right on track!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!! ~Blessings and Happy New Year!!!! ~ E.A.

 Oh you are so so right! Thanks again for your reading and sending the healing.♥ I have so much right now on my plate, its unbelievable…. I have been heavy in my heart for seems like forever… thank you for bringing this clarity to me about what I need to do… Blessings to you.♥  ~ M.V.

 Well, that certainly hits home in a lot of ways. Thank you. ~ J.H.

Thank you so much for your reading, It feels relevant and is deep for me…in many ways! Mmmm Interesting. ~  L.M.

Thank you so very much for the mini reading this weekend. Your guidance is priceless! I appreciated your gentleness whilst sharing difficult to accept information. I will be working on my imbalance (in a gentle way). It was such a pleasure to speak with you!        Love and Light to you My Friend, Jennifer