Golden Core Healing™

 Golden Core Healing™

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I was born with a Caul (a veil/membrane said to be bestowed to those with second-sight) and the gift of healing. At a young age I laid hands on my dad’s forehead to relieve his migraines.

During my first year of recovery from drug addiction I had a visitation from Jesus. He told me:

” Go and Heal the Children.”

I believe healing has many manifestations and does not always produce a “cure.”  Symptoms may be relieved, hearts may be softened and insights gained: these are all forms of healing.

My gift is to help you heal so you can step fully into the best version of you.

 ~ Melynnda*

  Golden Core Healing™  

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Thank you Melynnda, and know that you are doing what God sent you to do… A.S.

I want to thank you for the healing the other night,I felt alot of releasing and I feel much better today,I am grateful for your love and support…L.L.O.