Mystic Portal

Access the Heavenly Realm to remove limiting beliefs, restore your Passion for Life

& Retrieve your Soul Purpose

While the Intuitive Reading is centered around receiving guidance THROUGH the messages Spirit shares on your behalf, the Mystic Portal is a guided journey in which YOU are the one having the experience. Rather than serving as a channel for the messages, in this process my role is to become the guide through which your soul connects to and strengthens your Divine connection.

Enter a Portal to the Field of Creation

Each individual’s experience will be unique to who you are, how you encounter and engage your team of Angelic Helpers & Guides. As we together Transcend the Illusion of Separation, your consciousness continues to awaken and remember who you are & why you came here, accelerating your spiritual growth.

In this very sacred journey–messages, guidance and Divine awakenings all come from within your own being. Similar to, but still different from either a guided meditation or hypnotic experience, you remain fully awake and present throughout your experience. Soul journeying through the Mystic Portal elevates your consciousness, allowing a deeper connection to your soul’s essence. I will be present with you, serving as the vessel through which you move into a space of Divine presence and illumination.

My gift is to hold the connection & space for your Journey. ~ Melynnda*

I invite you to read a bit about ‘The Holy Experience‘ by Neale Donald Walsch for a deeper understanding of our mystical nature.

*Sessions offered in person (Central Texas) and/or via Phone or Skype. Available to travel for groups. To schedule a Mystic Portal session or receive further information, please complete the form below.

Mystic Portal Session via Skype or in person: 

$75/Per Session
Sessions are approximately 1 hour

Mystic Portal ~ $75.00

Please feel free to inquire about payment options as needed. My desire is to honor the portal and those who wish to experience its profound impact. I would be happy to set up a payment plan with you, in order to accommodate your financial needs. 


Sitting here going over in my head the journey that I went on with Melynnda Button, she helps people with healing and finding their purpose by taking them through different levels of the cosmos. Seeing the Heavens was amazing. Without a doubt I know my purpose and seeing it as a “gift” to share certainly takes the Ego out of it. To not share this gift of healing would be a waste. Thank you for helping me see! ~ Dee Babayan

WOW! My experience with Melynnda’s Mystic Portal journey was incredible! It not only finally provided me access to several important Keys I’d been watching and waiting for, but gifted me with brand new tools and objects to make use of in the next steps of my journey! Melynnda is a gentle Guide, and demonstrates patience as we explore the spirit environment we find ourselves in, then intuitively nudges us on when it is time again to move. Though I am an experienced meditator and journeyer myself, she was able to direct me to the levels I needed for the answers I sought and had not found in my own meditations. This is a reminder to us all that it can always help having the assistance of another— we are all endlessly connected! I highly recommend the Edgy Mystic and her Portals to both the “newbie” and “old hats” alike! ~Lloyd