‘The Holy Experience’

Many people have had this experience (the experience of being Everything) momentarily. They have had it in meditation, perhaps, or in a time of pure silence, or in the midst of an impactful interaction with another (such as sexual union or laughing until tears come, or weeping together, or walking alone through the woods on a sunlit morning, or swimming in the ocean, or, simply…washing dishes.)

I call this The Holy Experience.

It is when you know Who You Really Are.

While many people have had this experience momentarily, the trick is to have it continually–or at least a great deal more of the time. That was the yearning of the Buddha. It was the journey of the Christ. It is the opportunity placed before each of us.

Many Masters have shown us the way.

The way is for us to BE the way.

‘I am The Way and The Life. Follow me.’

This is what all Masters have declared. This is what all Students have understood.

Therefore, do not look for your Master, BE the Master for whom you have been looking. Do not seek the Truth, BE the Truth you have been seeking. And do not attempt to change another, BE the change you wish to see.

Excerpts from ‘Global Conversation Blog’ by Neale Donald Walsh