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a structure for spirit

The Full Moon in Capricorn is this Saturday, July 12th, bringing certain relationship dynamics to a head. Wherever communication has been lacking and emotions have been held in and back, prepare for whatever is pressing to come out on the table. Fortunately, Mars will also be trining loving Venus, which means if you are pure in your intentions to find a meeting ground and to resolve to evolve, your spirited talks will show the way.  Kristin Fontana, Evolutionary Astrologer


I recently returned to New York for the summer, grateful for the time and space to attempt to bring my book from chaos to order. Practices, rituals and ceremonies are woven throughout the book. As I was preparing for this upcoming full moon I thought to share an excerpt so you may use this time as an opportunity to transform your fears. For any ritual or ceremony, create a…

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The Benefits of Shamanism for Children

Contemporary Shaman

027cd73539e4457638379f394939befdMany have read much about shamanism and how it pertains to the adult but very little has been shared in regards to how certain aspects of shamanism can be very beneficial to the child.

Looking back, if I knew even some of what I know now it would have been a great help. As I child I was incredibly sensitive, highly imaginative, acutely empathic, faery friendly and terrified of the dark.

I used to clutch my teddy bear (my inner child’s totem of protection) to my heart when I was very sad or frightened. I was fortunate to live in a home of love and safety but other outside influences made an impact on my sensitivity which made me feel very unsafe in the world. I also came from a culture that ‘otherworldy’ things were an intellectual interest but not a practice. As I have said before, imagination is the…

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Stand in the Center of Your Beingness

Wise insights from my soul sister D*

DeAnne Wolfgram


Many of us have enormous hearts and big visions.  We long to see people living their fullest expressions united together in genuine collaboration with mutual trust, authenticity and acceptance while working together toward common goals.  Many of us are continually taking action and creating this in our personal lives, communities and careers.  I am.

This vision begins… within.  Many of my colleagues and friends are embracing their own empowerment. They are continuously learning, teaching and modeling the “true power” that comes from withIN.  We are in a time now for discovering this power inside ourselves, each and every ONE of us.

It’s also true that ‘discernment’ is key.  Empowerment relies upon us listening to and heeding the direction of our own inner compass.  Others may not respond well to this.  They may truly prefer us unempowered.  We must empower ourselves anyway and learn to collaborate.  I had many lessons around…

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Spirit can communicate with you while you are reading, listening to music or talking with friends. As an clairaudient, sometimes words jump off the page at me. Fellow mystic Fay Hart recently wrote in her newsletter of her “luxury problems” http://bit.ly/177JlBe describing the inconveniences she recently experienced. Somehow the word luxury has been following me around ever since; not showing up everywhere, to the contrary, but luxury has been hanging in the air, like the one thing you know you shouldn’t forget. 

Tonight this photo shared on FB by the Gypsy Junkie (color by Stacey @Silent Curiosity) jumped out at me too and drove me to look up the origin of Luxury, Luxuria.




self-indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins).

Woah!  That’s some heavy guilt trip! How many see luxury as sinful? If you embrace your own desires or feel any guilt around wanting more, perhaps this will help you see the root of luxury lowering your frequency?  Please ask your own team of guides to confirm this message if you believe you are carrying this resistance within you.

Shifting this belief could be key to your abundance. 

Let me know what you hear? 

Luxuriously Yours, Melynnda*




Home Frequency Meditation

Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor. Breathe deeply until your shoulders drop and you are fully relaxed. Take as long as you need.
Focus on your heart and turn your listening inward. Notice your heartbeat and your breath. Feel the movement of your ribcage as your lungs expand and contract. 
Sink further inward and shift your focus into the lower Tan Tien (just below your navel). Slow your breathing. Your home frequency is felt/sensed/heard in the Tan Tien, in the space between exhaling and inhaling. 
Mantra:  I AM the perfect reflection of Love

A Seeker’s Heart

Are you still seeking the “A-HA moment” that will answer all of your deepest Life questions? Do you have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge? 
How many readings, healings or ceremonies have you had? How many paths, relationships or certificates have you pursued looking for your “Answer”.
A seekers heart seeks to find its home frequency, a perfect reflection of Love. 
What you seek is not of this earth but within you, you brought it from beyond this dimension.
Gaia’s current frequency is centered in duality, the good the bad and the ugly. (Gaia’s home frequency is also a perfect reflection of Love.)
We are born into this dimension with such clear vibrant energy (our home frequency), yet most of us are born into such distorted energy groups (families) that we have no one who can reflect that energy back to us. The moment we begin to have some autonomy, we are often held back by our conditioning which has limited and negatively impacted our belief systems. 
We may become addicted to people pleasing and contorting our energy to receive praise or avoid punishment. For some of us the seeking begins very early, reading is one of the first doorways to seeking. Then naturally, teenage rebellion brings us false bravado and we engage in more adventurous and often self-destructive ways of seeking. 
Once free of our distorted energy group (family) we seek to make new families with other like minded people…then we often find out they also come from distorted and dysfunctional energy groups and we are back where we started. 
As we mature we (hopefully) begin to pursue more empowered ways of seeking. What was intended to maintain higher frequencies while incarnated in the 3rd dimension (meditation/yoga/etc.) can become just another path of seeking. This type of seeking, supported by intermittent moments of bliss can lead to even more discomfort within the current earth frequency. What was once a passion for spiritual experiences becomes another attempted escape from the current 3D frequency.  
The care and maintenance of your physical body and your spiritual body are central to your life’s purpose. 
Connecting to your home frequency brings new life and freedom within the 3rd dimension.  We are each here to remember our true frequency of Love. 
Or purpose as Light-bearers is to balance the physical and spiritual bodies in the 3rd dimension, while being an anchor for your home frequency (Love). 
Once you find that balance, you can help another, and so on, until we collectively radiate our home frequency and duality is neutralized.  
I am here in service to those who are called to work with me as we anchor Love and release duality.
In Spirit ~Melynnda*