Spirit can communicate with you while you are reading, listening to music or talking with friends. As an clairaudient, sometimes words jump off the page at me. Fellow mystic Fay Hart recently wrote in her newsletter of her “luxury problems” describing the inconveniences she recently experienced. Somehow the word luxury has been following me around ever since; not showing up everywhere, to the contrary, but luxury has been hanging in the air, like the one thing you know you shouldn’t forget. 

Tonight this photo shared on FB by the Gypsy Junkie (color by Stacey @Silent Curiosity) jumped out at me too and drove me to look up the origin of Luxury, Luxuria.




self-indulgent sexual desire (personified as one of the deadly sins).

Woah!  That’s some heavy guilt trip! How many see luxury as sinful? If you embrace your own desires or feel any guilt around wanting more, perhaps this will help you see the root of luxury lowering your frequency?  Please ask your own team of guides to confirm this message if you believe you are carrying this resistance within you.

Shifting this belief could be key to your abundance. 

Let me know what you hear? 

Luxuriously Yours, Melynnda*