you came upon me, out of no-where while I am driving.

How can I even write about such things my native tongue has no words for.

Do I dare use words that no-one will understand?

Will these new words lose their translation in this realm?

Is it better to not speak of such things?

Is it better to hold them sacred in my heart?


your gone.



5 comments on “Suddenly…..

  1. brettsnani says:

    sometimes it is better to keep these thoughts and feelings to yourself. sharing them with people who don’t understand may lead to invalidation.

    • Melynnda* says:

      I used to feel that way too….now I no longer need validation from others. I seek only to express myself in absolute Freedom and Truth. I hope to encourage others to speak their Truth as well.
      Lovingly, Melynnda*

  2. that which we hold sacred in our heart can also be released to bless others. Like you, I’m learning I cannot be authentically me by pretending to be other than who I am – a woman who sees things beyond – who knows things not seen.
    walk in beauty.

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