Running towards ascension….

So many messages I have listen to.

So many dates I have anticipated.

So many dreams I have dreamed.

So many wishes I have wished.

Then a simple awareness, an awareness of energy, my ability to sense and discern.

Some get to see, some hear. I feel.

I feel a sense of change, approaching us ….ever so slowly.

We all want a huge neon sign, a beacon of light or miraculous healing.

Some will receive their shift in a moment, an absolutely new perspective.

Some will slowly and deliberately peel off the layers of pain and protection they became accustomed to wearing.

Some will wake in the middle of the night and make their declaration in the dark.

Some will sleep so deeply they never wake up.

We’re all running towards ascension….but it doesn’t look the same.


Someday we’ll get there.

Then we’ll start another game.




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