A Month of Sundays….

The past several months I have searched my heart for what truly and deeply resonates with me. Like so many of my clients I felt a call to redefine my offerings and pursue only what brings me joy while serving the Divine. I began one-on-one mentoring this month as I truly delight in seeing the BIG changes each one of us are capable of and have been working towards for so many years. It feels like a natural progression from readings, healing and teaching; to mentoring. I love hearing the aha moments and breakthroughs from limiting beliefs. I love seeing clients transformed!

Then spirit began to whisper….”take a month off”. Mind you I heard this a year ago (via Slow-Coach Fay Hart) but I was just getting my business off the ground. Somehow it returned to me and I began to wonder…what would it feel like to really dive back into my own sacred development? I have many interests and have studied numerous traditions; my path has been a long and winding road. Will I take April off? I’m not sure. Will I take on another course of study? Perhaps. So now I am toying with the idea~A Month of Sundays. In the mean time I am waiting for further clarification from Spirit.  For now I am loving where I am at and who I am working with. I am experiencing mini-miracles and maximum satisfaction.  Who could ask for more?

What would you do with……..



2 comments on “A Month of Sundays….

  1. jeaninebyershoag says:

    I’m taking February off! Mostly. Few blog posts. Some checking in on my FB page. But that’s it. I’m trying to harness the last bit of winter’s energy for rest.


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