True North

All my life I have struggled with finding my True North. Attempts at heading  purposefully in the direction of self-love and empowerment were derailed by bi-polar swings masked by addiction and a strong Actress archetype. For years all I prayed for was Inner Peace. Balance, Moderation and Discernment were the keys to the peace, yet not within my clouded mental grasp. Slowly and Painfully I have pulled to me a new center. A center which surprised me a few days ago. Flying high after a few climactic days of energy work, sessions and collaborations, I began to feel sad….not empty, depressed or devastated. There were no tears.



The next day I woke with such gratitude. Fully embracing the bliss of numerous uplifting encounters followed by mere sadness….this is a huge breakthrough  for me. One long overdue. This may be a slow realization…experienced numerous times over the past year. Now, as I consider the image of a pendulum swinging…..full expansion no longer needs to be “balanced” by full contraction.  

Inner Peace



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