Lessons in Self Love

A number of years ago I was being mentored by a beautiful spiritual teacher who was helping me heal from the past and develop my psychic gifts. Our connection was heartfelt and we became great friends. I trusted her and believed she would never hurt me.

The relationship ended when her partner (also a spiritual teacher) threatened to kill me and my family. She was there when he said it and she told me she needed to stay with him until their work together was complete. I didn’t understand. I severed the relationship and lived in fear for months. How could someone working for the Light threaten my life? This man had gained my trust and met my family. It took me quite some time to reclaim my power and decide to move forward with my spiritual journey.

I now find myself in the role of mentor and teacher. I was put to the test two days ago when this man contacted me via email. I felt a tightness in my chest and my breath became shallow. All he asked was how I was doing.

When I allowed myself to listen to my heart, I realized I wasn’t afraid of him. I felt a deep sense of relief.

I sent a brief reply and asked if he was working for the Light. What my ego wanted was an apology…for him to ask for my forgiveness. There was none.

But there was a gift. Coming fully into the realization of my ability to choose Love over Fear. For myself. I get to choose, no one has the power to control me. Loving myself is the Last Lesson my teacher said. Now I have what she was trying to teach me all along.


5 comments on “Lessons in Self Love

  1. Loved reading this – that you chose to act from a place of love rather than fear. It’s where my own journey has been evolving this past year so it’s exciting to see someone else “getting” it too!

  2. Melynnda* says:

    Just writing it felt like a declaration. Thank you Joss for being here with me. Love, M*

  3. The dance of trust and betrayal…seems to never end. I have had a similar experience, except my ‘little voice’ was sending out warnings I chose to ignore. Learned the lesson of discernment the hard way that time. Never again. Now, when someone shows me who they are, I believe them. Good to see you were able to stand in the center of who you truly are (love) and respond from there. I do get the ego wanting to have an apology, though! Stubborn little bugger, that ego!

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