Having been completely driven by my desire to transform, I have welcomed the FIRE of the Divine Masculine. A burning aggressive purging. This burning ceased weeks ago.

The current influx of Divine Feminine energy has me wondering. I’m wondering about my resistance.

Creator VS Creative

When I realized the burning ceased, I began to notice the slow pull of a wave like motion. Gently losing my bearings. Teary eyed and forgetful. I attempted resting in the arms of Divine Mother but struggled and grew impatient….wanting to get down and DO something. I tend to resist the powerful tide of emotion as it appears unsafe. How can I create from this space? How do I move into this energy and surrender to the unknown.

I recognize the fear of drowning …of being completely immersed in the darkness.

Ceremony VS Surrender

As we head into the next few days I believe there will be an Unfolding. Perhaps even an Unraveling or an Unveiling. Whatever appears I will do my best not to resist. In that moment I am open to receive. I will stand with an open heart and open hands ready for whatever is next.


7 comments on “Drowning….

  1. open hand, open heart – the vulnerability through which powerful energy creates.

  2. So often I can relate to your posts…and this is one my spirit understands. Standing with you in Surrender, open to the energy ready to dance upon our hearts. Xoxo

  3. brettsnani says:

    Surrendering is still a struggle for me. I realize it takes longer for some as we have different forces to overcome! I will continue to be faithful to my journey with your encouragement.

  4. Shanomi says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the “like” on my last post “Tunnel of Pain”. Can totally relate to your great post here, as I’ve been “drowning” many times over the last few years.

    At first I was indeed fearful and resisted well – seems I’m very good at that. But then I began to recognize this lost and lonely time as a wonderful window of opportunity to blossom – to rise up from the ashes much wiser and stronger, but only because the warrior in me who driven to uplift to the highest expression of myself as you are came to the realization that surrendering heart and mind and trusting higher sources has been my only path to freedom, peace and healing. Unfortunately, for most of us humans, we dig ourselves in so deep with no way but up to finally surrender to the Source in desperation for a better quality of life.

    The beauty of this time is that we then see how surrendering really paves the way for miracles and the understanding that we have never been in control of our lives. I realize now that there’s no point in “trying”. My life is unfolding, the images on my vision board are being realized, and I’m doing absolutely nothing except living in the moment. Hallelujah!


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