I am and I am not.

I am not enlightened. I do not claim supreme spiritual understanding.
I realize I am in judgement when I say I don’t believe anyone is.
I am not a vegan or a purist. I try my best not to harm the planet or her inhabitants.
I still watch TV, drink coffee and eat chocolate.
I’m a grandma, mother, wife, sister and daughter.
My friends and family can confirm I do not always act spiritual.
I hold no degree in Psychology or any certificates that validate my worth.
I am a recovered addict. I am prone to the illusion of suffering.
I prefer quiet to small talk.
I no longer care about being right. I do have regrets but I am smarter because of them.
I forgive others quickly. I love myself unconditionally. I don’t like my ego very much.
I am currently the best version of myself I have ever been.
I see into people and feel their suffering.
I have never traveled outside of North America.
I have traveled to the place where I no longer have questions,
where there is absolute calm and no need for form. This realm I call Source,
The Creative Void or The Everything.
When I feel off-track I take myself to this place and realize how simply
beautiful it is to be alive.
I believe in prayer as a loving gesture to promote healing and love for one another.
I don’t believe Aliens or Jesus is coming back to save us. This time it’s on us.
I believe forgiveness and gratitude are the secret keys to healing.
I believe we each have a unique divine purpose vitally important to
contribute to humanity.
My gift is to help you heal so you can step fully into the best version of you.

12 comments on “I am and I am not.

  1. I like who you are and to know your gift is a truly wondrous thing. Namaste

  2. Loved reading this. Every line made me feel connected to you. Such honesty void of judgment. Acceptance and allowing. In giving these to yourself you give them to me/us. I am who I am. And that’s already enough. This post is beautiful. Thank you. Much love…xo

  3. Ingrid Oliphant says:

    That’s why you’re the awesome-est! Lub you!

  4. Ginny says:


  5. What a lovely, sweetly fragrant bouquet of being-ness you are! Thank you so much for sharing. I may need to attempt a similar exercise if only to see what I see about myself when I look in my ‘mirror’. I know I should visit more often, but it has been a very busy month. Will do better with my stopping bys. Promise.

  6. Melynnda* says:

    Julie, As one who has always identified myself as a seeker, this state of contentment is unfamiliar. All is well with my soul. Thank you ><3<

  7. martha says:

    Well put friend! We are little kids jumping up and down and clapping in excitement at the promise of more presents!

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