Right on the Inside

I received a message with the same title in my inbox today. I’d been pondering a post, waiting for inspiration. When this came to me I knew I should just begin and see what is inside me waiting to be released.

Years ago I was very concerned about being “Right” on the Outside. How I look to other people. OK maybe not that long ago maybe last year. It took me a year to move forward with this website. I was afraid I didn’t have the right Certificate or lacked Spiritual Authority to help others. I have struggled with depression and addiction, I feared the return of shame which I have worked so hard to heal. I wondered if in the sea of the web I would get swallowed up in a whirlpool of Spiritual Helpers. I have loving supportive friends and family who allow me to be me. The only one standing in my way was Me. So what was I afraid of? The old conditioning of what I look like from the Outside. You know what, I can’t SEE what I look like from the Outside…I can only see ME from the Inside. I adopted one word that helped me move forward on my journey, Regardless. Regardless of how others see me or what they may say about me; I am Right on the Inside.


I am

in this moment



Calling back your Power!

This has been a amazing week for me. It took me a year of lessons after I believed I was ready, to move forward with this website. Now, looking back over 2011, after learning so much about who I am,  I’m sure glad I didn’t!  Most of this year was spent in one kind of spiritual exercise or another. The clarity I gained was more about who I am not.  I am not a sweet loving Angel, although I love many who are. I am not an evidential Medium, but I do often connect with loved ones. I am not a Psychic who can exhume your past or a Prophet who predicts your future. I am not a Shaman but I have great respect for their practices and enjoy journeying. I am not a Channel for a Supreme Being, but I do get messages.  I am no expert on Mayan Astrology but I love interpreting energy signatures.  I am not a devotee to Sufism but have touched the face of the Beloved thru Zikr. What I have learned is that there are many sacred tools you can use to call back your power.  I practice a number of them. Once you regain your power you will have the strength to explore your life purpose. Once you discover your life purpose, you will need courage to live it!  My word for 2012 is Regardless….Regardless of what anyone else thinks, says or does, I will live MY life. I choose, above all else, to be authentic. In this moment I have called back MY Power. It is my wish to help others do the same.

Love, Melynnda*