Right on the Inside

I received a message with the same title in my inbox today. I’d been pondering a post, waiting for inspiration. When this came to me I knew I should just begin and see what is inside me waiting to be released.

Years ago I was very concerned about being “Right” on the Outside. How I look to other people. OK maybe not that long ago maybe last year. It took me a year to move forward with this website. I was afraid I didn’t have the right Certificate or lacked Spiritual Authority to help others. I have struggled with depression and addiction, I feared the return of shame which I have worked so hard to heal. I wondered if in the sea of the web I would get swallowed up in a whirlpool of Spiritual Helpers. I have loving supportive friends and family who allow me to be me. The only one standing in my way was Me. So what was I afraid of? The old conditioning of what I look like from the Outside. You know what, I can’t SEE what I look like from the Outside…I can only see ME from the Inside. I adopted one word that helped me move forward on my journey, Regardless. Regardless of how others see me or what they may say about me; I am Right on the Inside.


I am

in this moment