Beyond Regret

This was a question I received from a beautiful young woman:

“Do you think it’s possible to feel guilt without feeling regret? What if you had regretted something in the past, let it go, but you still feel guilty. Have you not actually let the regret go as you thought? Are those two always coupled together?”

Guilt and Regret are tied together like knots in a thin gold necklace. You can throw the necklace away as a complicated mess or you can sit down and carefully untangle the damage. If you have patience you can usually untangle it yourself. If you lose patience you may need someone else to help you.

Guilt comes from breaking your own code or the law of the land, in duality it is a cold hard fact. Regret is longing to erase the pain or change the past.
We all create lessons for our own growth. The most prevalent lessons we create are opportunities for forgiveness. We will continue to create them until we master forgiveness. When you can accept the past as the journey you chose to learn forgiveness, you can begin to live Beyond Regret.