What’s a session like with Melynnda?

During a session we’ll explore some of the barriers and limiting decisions you have about living your best life.  I don’t use a set “agenda”. I tune into my higher self and talk to your higher self while we are talking one on one…kind of like two different conversations are occurring and I share with you what I am receiving. I do not go into a “trance” or channel information. I’m pretty down to earth and talk to you as a friend. Sometimes the conversation is focused on one area or relationship, or your energy. If your anxious when we start I can do some guided breathing with you.  The only thing I can really tell you to expect is homework!  It takes energy and action to move forward on your spiritual journey.  That’s what the homework is for.  Being an intuitive with a gift of healing I can help you focus on what is in your way, ready to be removed. 
All readings and questions are confidential.  I never share peoples information with others.  I don’t “read” people without their permission.  I’m not into taking sides or placing blame. 
After a session with me I may ask for a testimonial, and then you decide if I use your name or initials. 
Please feel free to comment on this and let me know if you have other questions about my services.


2 comments on “What’s a session like with Melynnda?

  1. brettsnani says:

    Melynnda “allowed” me to see inside myself. I now know I can only control ME. I have found such inner happiness, and it’s because of Melynnda that I feel so free!

  2. Melynnda* says:

    Words can’t express how deeply you have touched my heart.
    With Love & Gratitude, Melynnda*

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