So in other words, whether it´s in me, you, people across this planet – we all have some parts of ourselves that lead the serpent to extremes. What is a process of creation-and-destruction becomes pure destruction. The serpent bleeds at the mouth in a bid to swallow itself. Suffering ensues.~Bairavee

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


The symbol of the Serpent eating its Tail is used to signify regeneration, endless continuity of the cosmic cycle, the process of birth-rebirth and the dance between creation and destruction – ad infinitum. Think of it as the circle of life. But we don´t just end up exactly where we began, do we?

It´s more of a spiral. There is a (perceived) movement in a given direction of growth, suffering – or experience in general. Some spirals/cycles lead us to growth and happiness, and others to (a different kind of) growth and suffering. I´m simplifying it here for heuristic purposes – reality is rarely that neat.

The former is what we idealize, the latter is what we (often) neglect to mention. I find this perfectly expressed in the image of a real-life serpent biting seeking to swallow its tail to the point that its mouth begins to bleed. I haven´t…

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