Thirty traits of being an Empath

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Myth:  There are 30 Traits of Being an Empath or Symptoms of Being an Empath


There is only one trait that identifies one as an empath.  That is the capacity to feel other people’s emotions.  It is a trait, not a symptom. While this gift doesn’t operate or exist in isolation–because nothing does–being a psychic empath has little to do with ‘symptoms’ listed in the regurgitated google lists.

Being an empath doesn’t preclude you from being:  precognitive, creative, overwhelmed, have back and belly issues, always taking up for the underdog,  an addict or overweight, creative, love animals and nature, a truthseeker or introverted, unable to buy things that have been previously owned, moody/shy/aloof/disengaged/angry, emotionally unavailable, unable to handle living in a city or being in crowds, etc and ad nauseum.

In fact, most people who self-identify as ’empath’ are not.  Because you are sensitive and can relate well to…

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